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Partner with a market leader and a trusted global brand

At FindLaw, we specialise in Internet marketing services for law firms.  Over the years we’ve built a team of experts – people with a profound understanding of both online marketing and the challenges law firms face.

What we do best is to ensure a strong return on your online marketing investment by delivering you potential clients, so you can focus on practising law and managing the growth of your firm.

Already working with more than one thousand law firms across the UK and Europe, FindLaw offers multiple client generation services:

FirmSite – FirmSites are bespoke legal websites designed with your business objectives in mind.  They convey your unique professional image to potential clients and target the right kinds of cases. We use search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies to put your site in front of possible clients as they search for legal help in your area. This simple yet innovative approach to website design and marketing delivers measureable results. – is a one-stop resource for individuals and businesses in the UK seeking information on legal topics and solicitors. Our user-friendly site features a solicitor directory, helpful articles, tips, frequently asked legal questions, blogs and community postings on a variety of legal topics, including marriage, divorce, motoring issues, estate planning, immigration, job loss, online privacy and more. It offers numerous opportunities to reach potential clients at every step on their legal search, from initial research to contacting a law firm.

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